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Lens Stress Analyzer (LSA)
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Even the best of lenses can go bad. Thermal stress, mechanical stress, and contamination can all cause a lens to fail. When that happens, your business can suffer from costly downtime or, in the event of catastrophic lens failure, even costlier laser system repairs. Conversely, you don’t want to discard a perfectly useable lens that may only need to be cleaned to return it to peak performance. The question, then, is how can you determine when a lens is truly in need of replacement?

II-VI Infrared has your answer. Our NEW, portable Lens Stress Analyzers enable you to see lens stress before catastrophic lens failure occurs. Or see that an underperforming lens need only be cleaned, rather than discarded. Using a cool-running fluorescant light base and cross-polarizers, our Lens Stress Analyzers dramatically show thermal stress, mechanical stress, and contamination that the eye cannot see alone.

The Lens Stress Analyzer can be operated using the included 100-240V AC adapter (with plug adapters for North America, United Kingdom, Europe, Argentina, Australia, and China), or -- for genuine portability -- six AAA batteries. (Batteries not included.) Our Lens Stress Analyzers will help you keep your laser system running smoothly by showing you when a lens needs only to be cleaned, and when it needs to be replaced.

Contact your II-VI Infrared Sales representative and order your Lens Stress Analyzer today! (P/N 6054739)

Click here to download the LSA User Guide PDF.

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