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  1 Micron Optics / 1 Micron Optical Components
1 Micron Optical Components
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II-VI subsidiary HIGHYAG Lasertechnologie manufactures 1 micron optical components, including laser processing heads and fiber optic beam delivery systems. From HIGHYAG's website: Laser technology is indisputably the most advanced method in material processing, setting itself apart by high level precision and flexibility above all. At the same time, these two qualities also distinguish HIGHYAG as company and partner in cooperating with you. Not incidentally, HIGHYAG is one of the world's leading providers of laser tools for material processing. In addition to our outstanding products and flexibility, it is our familiarity with operative practice that makes HIGHYAG your partner of choice the world over.

Laser Processing Heads

Laser machining has become firmly established within modern, automated production processes. The laser processing head is a major part of a laser machining cell. As the actual interface of the laser and the workpiece, it is hence the interface to the user of the laser equipment.

HIGHYAG's laser processing heads can be used for:

  • Welding and brazing
  • Cutting
  • Surface treatment

The processing heads are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the advanced manufacturing industry:

  • High uptime
  • User-friendly operation
  • Logical system integration

These product features could be accomplished by a product design with a processing head as an entire system having a modular structure:

  • Laser processing head (incl. robot adaption)
  • Cable management system and installation
  • Electric pneumatic installation system - interface for media and system control
  • Accessories (cooling systems, alignment tools etc.)

HIGHYAG provides the following laser processing heads for cutting and welding:

Laser Cutting Head BIMO-FSC Laser Processing Head BIMO Laser Processing Head µ
Laser Cutting Head BIMO-FSC Laser Processing Head BIMO

Laser Processing Heads for Remote Welding, Brazing, and for Surface Treatment are also available.  Please visit our HIGHYAG website for a complete listing of products and capabilities.


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