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  1 Micron Optics / 1 Micron Optical Coatings
1 Micron Optical Coatings
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1 Micron Optical Coating facility at II-VI Infrared, PA, USA
The following coatings are available for high power 1 micron optics:

Pulsed Dual Enhanced Silver for 1.06μm and 0.6328μm -PDES
The Pulsed Dual Enhanced Silver (PDES) coating was developed specifically for applications using pulsed YAG lasers where a moderate level of damage threshold is required. The coating reflectivity has been optimized for 1.06μm and 0.6328μm wavelengths.

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High-Efficiency Anti-Reflective (NAR) Coating on Zinc Sulfide MultiSpectral (ZnS MS) for NIR, 1.03μm, 1.064μm, 1.07μm This coating is designed to give low reflectance, low absorption and high transmittance. Especially useful for high power laser systems. This coating on ZnS MS will provide advantages over fused silica in high power applications due to its higher thermal conductivity and refractive index.

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Zero Phase Shift Total Reflector (NTR) Coating for NIR, 1.03μm, 1.064μm, 1.07μm Zero Phase Shift Total Reflector (NTR) coating for silicon or copper substrates. Designed as a high reflective zero phase shift coating to be used as a beam bender before or after a 90° phase retarder to reduce phase shift changes in beam delivery systems.

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90° Reflective Phase Retarder (NRPR) Coating for NIR, 1.03μm, 1.064μm, 1.07μm High reflective 90° NRPR is a coating for silicon and copper substrates. Introducing a quarter-wave 90° NRPR into the beam delivery path eliminates kerf variations by converting linear polarization to circular polarization. Circular polarization consists of equal amounts of S-polarization and P- polarization for any orientation of the beam. Therefore all axes encounter the same composition of polarization, and material is removed uniformly regardless of cut direction.

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