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  1 Micron Optics / 1 Micron Materials

1 Micron Materials

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1 Micron Materials from II-VI Infrared
II-VI Infrared manufactures 1 micron optics made from optical materials including Zinc Sulfide MultiSpectral (ZnS MS), ZnSe, copper, and silicon. These optics offer good thermal conductivity, reduced thermal distortion, and (in transmissive materials) a relatively high index of refraction. ZnS MS is especially well-suited to 1 micron optics, as it (like ZnSe) can be diamond-turned. ZnS MS grown by II-VI Infrared is, in fact, the ideal material for NIR and IR freeform optics. It has numerous advantages over other materials, such as BK7 and fused silica.

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