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  1 Micron Optics / 1 Micron HPDDL Beam Integrators
1 Micron High-Power Direct-Diode Laser (HPDDL) Beam Integrators
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1 Micron High-Power Direct-Diode Laser (HPDDL) Beam Integrators

The 1 micron (0.8 - 1.0 µm) high-power direct-diode laser (HPDDL) is becoming an increasingly popular tool for materials processing, thanks to its small physical size, low initial capital cost, electrical efficiency, and long maintenance intervals. However, the highly divergent output of HPDDLs require specialized optics to make these tools useful.

II-VI Infrared's 1 micron ZnS MS beam integrators are ideally suited to the challenge of directing HPDDL output onto a work surface. Producing relatively flat intensity profiles and a square focus area, these faceted, diamond-turned precision optics, when combined with HPDDL output, are ideally suited for cladding, heat treating, and welding applications.

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