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Welcome to II-VI Infrared, The CO2 Laser Optics and Infrared(IR) Optics Business Unit of II-VI Incorporated.

This site features information on our complete line of industry-leading precision optics products, including: OEM-quality replacement CO2 laser optics and nozzles, The MP-5® ultra-low absorption focusing lens, The Variable Radius Mirror (VRM) -- also known as a deformable mirror or adaptive mirror, Scanning laser system optics for low-power applications such as marking, engraving, and via hole drilling, Information on proper cleaning and handling of CO2 laser optics, Tutorials on choosing a focusing lens, polarization, and additional topics ... and more.

Questions? Please send inquiries to info@iiviinfrared.com, or call (toll-free in the USA and Canada) 888.558.1504, or 724.352.1504.
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